Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, updates his very popular video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.” He argues…
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http://www.shapingconcepts.com. Charleston personal trainer and fat loss expert Shane Doll CPT, CSCS discusses how your body determines which fuel to burn po…
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  • michalchik says:

    This is still correlation. Time series can show temporal order of
    correlation but not causation, because both variables can be due to a third
    common cause.

  • Post-Scarcity Post-Duality says:

    Robert Lustig, please comment on all the high carb vegans, who get most of
    their calories from fruit and veg, and who never get overweight and who
    eliminate diseases like diabetes. Because right now you are just adding to
    the problem, promoting animal fats and protein.

  • Evans Arabu says:

    Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0
    Exercise does not cut weights , exercise builds muscle 

  • Julian Thompson says:

    A calorie is not a calorie for the typical sedentary obese American. For an
    active individual at a healthy body weight, a calorie is a calorie as far
    as body composition, and even health, as long as the person is getting in
    their micronutrients.

  • Forbes Winthrop says:

    Regardless of any finding, this guy and all scientists should keep their
    noses out of policy making. It is highly opinionated scientists and their
    political fanbase that are the cause of much of the increases in heart
    disease due to their witch hunt against saturated fat and cholesterol. By
    all means make your case for or against certain types of foods. But there
    should be no legislation for or against foods, for any reason.

  • Herczeg Bela says:

    “no link between high saturated fat intake or cholesterol intake and
    getting fat.” That is a lie. The evidence is overwhelming and you know it.
    The Heart Attack Grill’s clients? So, a diet of fatty meats, cream and
    butter etc. will not have an adverse effect on the heart’s health?

  • Samuel-Eli Dzegede says:

    its science…

  • MissWooHoo11 - BSL for American Pit Bull Terriers! says:

    well it’s fairly obvious which mouse is the American one lol.

  • gtrdoc911 says:

    What a brilliant man. Obama, are you listening?

  • Rend Gerzon says:

    47:50 I thought that fructose also gets converted into glucose?

  • Herczeg Bela says:

    “exercise does not cause weight loss”? I only have to look at the cyclists
    who finish the Tour de France to see evidence to the contrary. I am 42
    years old, run, cycle and lift weifgts and I am the very same weight I was
    at age 20. If I stop training, I put on weight. Figure that out. This guy
    is overweight himself.

  • bradgonewild says:

    lchf diets are the answer

  • Wargoat6 says:

    UGH he had me until he brings up guns.

  • Kaydence Sanchez says:


  • Dany Schirmer says:

    Are you aware of the changes in our eating habits and wonder how the sugar
    and processed food industry is driving the obesity epidemic, which in turn
    affects our endocrine system? Very good research worth watching!

  • Garden Girl says:

    Modern wheat gluten and fake vegetable fats as well as high sugar
    consumption are the problem. We need NATURAL foods! Grass fed meats,
    vegetables, berries, and healthy saturated fats like butter and coconut
    oil. Sorry vegans :)

  • John Platero says:

    Does sugar cause obesity? he says no? Semantics? Do children cause stress?
    Does stress cause weight gain? Does weight gain cause obesity? Then
    children cause obesity…….

  • numbersandsense says:

    A lifesaver! Seriously!

  • getfitafter50 says:

    There were fat people before wide spread availability of refined sugar;
    there are slim people with universal availability of sugar.

  • Justgivemethetruth says:

    So … the things that make money in our society are all bad for the
    majority of the people or the environment, but they make money for an elite
    group of people who can avoid the bad stuff … and this is how we end up
    with a planet going bad and the people at the top don’t really care or do
    anything about it.

  • 04WELLYDEEP says:

    makes sense, good vid

  • Rick Wyatt says:

    There has been a lot more science that has come about in the 4 years since
    this video was posted. Im in nutritional ketosis for quite awhile now. My
    carbs are less than 20 grams a day and have been for quite sometime. I do a
    mixture of anaerobic and aerobic exercises yet my body stays in ketosis. So
    even if I am heavily anaerobic that day my body still burns fat afterwards.
    After muscle glycogen has been replenished with about 15 grams of carbs for
    me it is all fat burning from then after day in and day out.

  • Lauren Freeman says:

    So by adding short bursts of anaerobic exercises to my aerobic exercises I
    will burn fat for the next 24-48 hours instead of carbs?

  • MPG says:

    THis is interesting, and supports the concept of carb cycling. So I was
    doing a 24 hour fast tomorrow, I should do HIIT today to hasten fat burning
    in my fast. Then after my fast, I’m better off doing an easy 1 mile walk
    and eating high carbs the following day.

  • hs0zfe says:

    Thanks for this – it makes perfect sense. In nature, even a big storm is
    ultimately some “balancing act”. During exercise, the body grabs what’s
    readily available – blood sugar.

  • Elizabeth Brown says:

    Many thanks for this. It supports my experience. I would be interested in
    scientific references, and also, noting what you said about 8 HIITs to know
    what HR you consider effective for the HIITS.

  • hewa984 says:

    thank you

  • Pyjama Sam says:

    This guy knows what he’s talking about

  • Francois Almaraz says:

    this help me 2 sis

  • BIONIK DIKK says:

    Yeah, because Michael Phelps eats a 12,000 a day, calorie diet,& it’s not
    all clean. 

  • Jasmin Webb says:

    I’d like to read more on this topic, I have never heard this before. Any

  • Jackie Lee says:

    Then which nutrition( protein and carb) rich food should I consume after
    both HIIT and LIT?

  • Banthonyyy says:

    How can you ensure you are burning fat post workout 24-48hrs?

  • chainsawlube says:

    Dude you can put carbs and fats in the same conversation. This is dumb and
    it’s misleading people

  • drewspeed1982 says:

    WHY is there the switch? from say burning the fat during an exercise and
    then to breaking down the muscles for sugar? Also i keep hearing about
    short term bursts, can i simply run for one hour in the anaerobic zone
    instead (165 bpm)?

  • JCGrantatAC says:

    You say if a person burns primarily fat during low intensity aerobic
    exercise, they’ll burn carbs (glucose) the rest of the day. What if a
    person only eats 20 to 50 grams of carbs a day? Then what? Are you saying
    that person isn’t going to access their fat stores during the day? Does
    this mean that the body is going to spend the rest of the day breaking down
    amino acids (protein) and converting them to glucose?

  • richcook99 says:

    This video may have changed my view of health and fat loss. I’m a runner
    and have been for a long time. Traditionally I run three or four times per
    week, 4-6 miles each. I’ve trained for and run four marathons. Here’s my
    question, though. Can I do my long runs, then throw in HIIT sprints at the
    end and still trigger that fat loss switch?

  • animejoao says:

    hi i have a question, does kettlebell swings count as anaerobic workout
    does kettlebell count as weight lifting training or strenght training or
    count as the same as interval training like tabata. can someone train
    tabata everyday, does tabata burn fat or sugar, so many questions hahaha.

  • shapecon says:

    Good for you, love to hear that you’re doing the HIIT sprints. I’d look to
    increase the number of intervals to (8) as that seems to be the magic
    number that provides the best results in the research—and from personal
    experience. What you’re doing is a good start but you’re probably not
    optimizing growth hormone release. I like a 1:1 work rest ratio, or even a
    1:2 work to rest ratio. For super high intensity look to do 20-30 second
    sprints followed by 1:30-2:00 recovery.

  • Arjun R says:

    what if I reduce my carb for six days and replenish on the seventh day? But
    I continue to maintain my calorie deficit as on a protein and fat diet for
    the six days?

  • ArCxlioN says:

    hi. what’s the science behind WHY your body will use the opposite fuel
    source post workout, to the fuel source you primarily used during workout?
    … WHY is your body more likely to tap into sugar stores for energy post
    workout if you are primarily an aerobic exerciser, using primarily fat.

  • shapecon says:

    No, I wouldn’t recommend throwing in HIT sprints at the end of your long
    runs. Instead look to do HIT training on days you’re not doing
    long-slow-distance runs. You’re unlikely to have the glycogen required to
    complete the HIT intervals after you’ve completed the long runs thereby
    diminishing the results. The surprising thing is you’ll find that one you
    start incorporating more HIT training you won’t have to do as much
    long-slow-distance work. It really is the way to go. Thanks for posting.

  • schwantz037 says:

    If you complete a long run criss-crossing into aerobic and anaerobic, will
    you burn both sources, fat and carbs, in the post workout period.

  • Val Smith says:

    What an eye opener, I can really set my goals properly now, thank you very

  • Research + 1 says:

    good points. nice video.

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