Fat Vs Sugar For Healthy Weight Loss – Which Is More Fattening?

Fat Vs Sugar For Healthy Weight Loss - Which Is More Fattening?

Go to http://www.healthyeatingstartshere.com/nutrition/fat-vs-sugar-healthy-weight-loss for the full article . Most diet plans tell you that sugars or fats – …

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  • Diane Ovenden says:

    You could check out Dr McDougall his is a cooked version of 811. The china
    study say carbs low fat. At the end of the day its find out what works for
    you + Balance :)

  • 起 正 says:

    u mean “good carb”=fiber, right?

  • mpfordgchild07 says:

    So I quess the question is what is the right balance of these
    macronutrients? Does it depend on the person and their body/body-type or is
    there a general “rule” on this balance of macronutrients? Interesting
    topic…trying to reach this balance as a diabetic and can be very
    frustrating at times. Thanks for all your info on your channel. It’s been
    very helpful :).

  • Kofykat says:

    Could you do a video on increasing metabolism? I was an athlete till I had
    some personal issues, i gave up everything and fell sick as well. now my
    metabolism is really low where even if i live on salads I don’t lose
    weight. Whereas before I would eat very normally and be very fit. My
    dietitians here are pretty useless. (not healthy enough to work out yet,
    just walking isn’t helping) They’re telling me to skip meals now. :-/
    Really appreciate it. thanks.

  • sinzlicht says:

    so what’s the answer to the question? I say Sugar (refined sugar) cause in
    the longrun, it makes u gain more weight then eating fat (oils from whole
    foods and yes, even meat, poultry and fish).

  • natureasintended says:

    The basic physiology of our digestive systems shows we’re designed to eat
    high carb, low fat. More info from vegsource. , Dr. Doug Graham, Dr Neal
    Barnard, Dr Esselstyn, Durianriders etc etc.

  • thephleblady says:

    Thanks Heather! It is a bit confusing to me, the fat vs sugar and which one
    will cause greater weight gain. I understand what you have said in this
    video and both can cause weight gain if not controlled. What started me
    wondering was a work colleague asked which was better, the Milky Way or the
    skittles? I thought the Milky Way as it would take more energy to digest
    it. Both were unhealthy choices to have but she was determined. Was I right
    to say the Milky Way?

  • Diane Ovenden says:

    In the 80/10/10 diet they say dont eat fats with fruits as it will makes
    you fat.

  • Ary Martini says:

    cab u please make a few vdeos on eating vegan while pregnant?

  • KezoZydis says:

    I tend to go a little crazy with eating nuts sometimes cos they’re so good.
    But it’s easier to lose the weight I gain from that when compared to all
    the commercial juice, soda and sports drinks I use to guzzle down in the
    past. Took me a year and lots of exercise to lose that weight. Now I only
    exercise once a week and eat whatever whole foods I want and gaining excess
    weight is hardly (if ever) a problem.

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