The Joy of Juicing – Full Movie

Juice for Health! Juice for Power! Juice to Stay Slim! Juice to Keep Young! The film is about far more than juicing, it is about optimizing health and revers…


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  • Ross Pie says:

    im confused, should i steam my brocculi and brussel sprouts then juice

  • googleiscomplicated says:

    This guy looks healthy although i dont think juicing is better than a
    fruitarian diet

  • Rawganica says:

    anyone know how to heal my goiter/thyroid?
    my thyroid seems to be getting better but the goiter wont go down.

  • wingsonmyback1 says:

    Great movie and thanks for putting it out here free

  • Dent de Lion says:
  • Victoria Belz says:

    Juicing is supposed to be 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. Do NOT use only
    fruits. It is dangerous because your sugar levels will be very high!
    I did it with the help of recipes I found online and I’ve lost 8 pounds and
    feel great, very energetic. I implement exercise, fiber, and protein
    It has worked wonders for me! :)

  • KEM451 says:

    JUICING IS DEADLY!!! Your body’s not meant to absorb the high jolt of
    sugar you receive by drinking a “processed” fruit or vegetable, which juice

    Honey is the only food source in nature with sugar so readily available for
    consumption; and it’s meant for bee larva.

    Sugars in a fruit or vegetable are naturally trapped within the fibers.
    Once you put a fruit or vegetable in a blender / juicer, the juice and
    sugars are mechanically separated from the fibers making it a processed
    food. Now when you drink the juice, the food is not broken down as we have
    evolved to do by digesting the fibers at a slow pace along with the
    nutrients and sugars within. Instead the freed sugars cause a severe spike
    in your blood sugar level. This can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

    If you want the nutrients within fruits and vegetable along with
    anti-oxidants and other health benefits; simply eat your fruits and
    vegetables unprocessed. You can steam your vegetables, stir fry them or
    depending on the veggie have it raw. You can also eat your fruits raw, or
    cooked. What ever you do, don’t put them in a blender (cutting and slicing
    are NOT the same as spinning around in a bladed centrifuge). Be careful
    with raw foods, some foods, kidney beans for instance are deadly in their
    raw, uncooked form. Basically, just eat your meals the way we did 60 years


  • GOH BOMBA says:

    Thank for the info

  • letmebeda1 says:

    this was an awesome Movie. i loved it. ty for much Gary Null hugs. 

  • Diane Corriette says:

    Very informative video. I am new to this journey but am determined to use
    plants to heal my body. Haven’t given up meat yet but recently (last 8
    weeks) I have given up dairy. Best parts for me

    17:37 – great advice on making slow changes
    21:35 shopping for fruits and veg
    36:00 gets into juicing

  • GINA HUNT says:


  • Edwin Rivera says:

    Keep doctors out of businesses, go vegan. Your life will be better for it.
    This is a great documentary that should be shown in schools around the

  • Catherine Devlin says:

    That guy Gary null is so far up his own hole; it almost puts me off

  • lina thing says:

    Hi(: Have you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive hear some
    awesome stuff about it and my dad burned alot of unwanted fats.

  • Stephen English says:
  • Timothy Watson says:
  • Modus Operandi says:

    Just a few inconsistencies (nothing against juicing itself):

    In rural China they do indeed eat things with a face (and the face with

    Simple sugars are also contained in most fruit and vegetables.

    Juice on!

  • Kenneth Williamson says:

    what rice and soi proten powder do u recomend ? been working on my sellf
    over the pas3 months trying to become a vegan im quit big so was told if i
    was to do waight training that would be a grate way to tap into my fat
    for engy however i need a good sorce of protein to hellp build muscles i
    allso have low testostrone witch makes it hard for my bodey to build
    muscle im gong to need muscles to hellp wen i burn the fat so it wont go
    flabby any advise would be grat but keep in minde im trying to stick to a
    vegan life style mainely rawfoods and some carbs

  • brazza says:

    Ugh, fix the sound (its only coming out in one side of my headphone). I
    can’t listen to it this way.

  • Andrew Zeiser says:

    Dr.Null, thank you for the value of the program and for sharing your
    experience with juicing. I am new to juicing, and I will be incorporating
    many of the clever juice recipes you described into my diet. Cheers to
    living a long, happy, and healthy life!

  • Athrough Z says:

    My grandma is 81 years old. She takes so many pills, she carries them in a
    (heavy) zip log bag. Her hips barely work and she’s had both knees
    replaced. She eats processed meat and white bread every day. Conversely,
    her brother is in his 70s, looks like he’s in his 50’s, doesn’t eat any
    fried foods or processed sugar. He exercises everyday and is not on any
    prescription meds whatsoever. 

  • harry bosch says:

    I love the ‘spontaneous’ street interviews…..

  • Bee Green says:

    nice job Gary the film digs deep and accurately into the best strategy we
    can have to maintain health as we live life. We can see that the other
    strategies are not as clean and the results are showing that they don’t
    work so well. The American Standard Diet is not making people live longer
    and healthier so any change is good change. Eating real food is the best
    way long term to stay healthy and at the best weight. Juicing is a good
    step to clear the mind of bad habits as we begin to choose a better food
    strategy that moves us away from saturated animal fats and highly refined
    products that are ingrained in our way of eating. Juicing is a compliment
    to a diet it is not a complete diet long term. The best new diet is a
    clean diet full of natural foods across the board that are plant based
    since the alternative one has caused so much pain and suffering in so many
    Americans today.

  • 120jml says:

    Yeah I am serious. No its NOT it crushes your health to BITS!!!!! I also
    know people who are vegetarians.

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