“the” juicing documentary

the reality about the toxicity and deficiency of our regular habit and how to avoid lifestyle diseases .
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  • theberrybest says:

    I started by eliminating caffeine first followed by gluten/wheat in the
    second week. It’s been very difficult finding the lifestyle change after so
    many years of bad habits. Over the last two months I began looking into raw
    along with fruits, nuts and beans.

    3 weeks ago I bought a juicer and began experimenting with different
    veggies and fruits. In 8 weeks I have lost over 21 lbs and I am getting
    compliments on how good my skin looks. I found your documentary just last
    night. I enjoyed the wealth of information and now realize that I still
    have a long way to go to achieve perfect eating habits.

    I can’t see myself ever going back to my old ways. tonight I came home with
    a huge appetite in hand. Before cooking dinner I decided to juice. By the
    time dinner was ready I found that I was no longer hungry. I ate some
    blueberry’s, black berries and a few prunes. I feel very satisfied. The
    education from your documentary is priceless and I’ve shared it with people
    close to whom are looking for a healthier lifestyle.

    Thank you so very much for a job well done.

  • kennyjent1 says:

    I’m on day 9, thanks so much for the doco. Very inspiring!

  • Stephen English says:

    Excellent Jason, what you did for all of those incredible people was
    totally juice up there life’s and the transformations for each and everyone
    of them was inspirational and although it was just a new chapter and a new
    beginning it has given and inspired them all to continue along a much
    longer pathway extending that walk to better health both physically and
    mentally. May the juice be with us all.

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