Healthier BBQ and Turning diet on its head

Healthier BBQ: Pulled vs. Chopped, Vinegar vs Sauce
“The three things you want to look at cutting the fat, cutting the sugar and the things you’re having for sides. If you’re making this at home, think about how you’re making it.” Dr. Skelton says pulled BBQ is always less in fat chopped. “Pulled pork …
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Realistic vs. optimistic fans in non-Steelers situations throughout history
They have some big fat white guy as the co-star? No wonder NBC is in last place in the ratings. Right now, I’m mixing bad and stupid. I call it b-tupid. Optimistic fan of the old hit show, Sanford and Son #1: Jeez, who p***ed in your Sugar Smacks this …
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Turning diet on its head
That is, willingly subjecting myself to a diet high in fats (saturated fats, coconut oil, butter, cream, olive oil, avocado), rich in above-ground vegetables, and resistant to processed foods. Sugars would be mostly abolished with carbohydrates limited …
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Blueberry Jam
Per tablespoon: 45 calories; no protein; 11g carbohydrates; no fat; no saturated fat; no cholesterol; no sodium; no dietary fiber; 11g sugar. From Cathy Barrow … The jam will set further as it sits, so err on the side of a loose set vs. a very firm …



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