Sugar v. Fat: An Unbiased Review

An unbiased review of the documentary sugar v. fat by BBC. I found this documentary to be educational, entertaining and very unbiased for something so contro…

Programme website: Twin doctors Chris and Xand Van Tulleken go on month long high-fat and high-sugar diets. They rac…
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  • Johan Persson says:

    This documentary was flawed IMO. The FAT diet guy was not allowed to eat
    vegetbles. No “FAT diet” uses this NO CARB thing, instead it should be LOW

    Furthermore the CARB eating guy we did not know at all how bad or good he
    ate. CARB could be anything in the span of eating potatos with broccoli to
    just drinking gigantic amounts of Coca cola.

  • BattlingCIDP says:
  • ScarlettDuchess . says:

    Diet Doctor talks about the flaws of this documentary in more detail but to
    quote Diabetes UK about the Low Carb High Fat Diet…

    “The diet, because of its low requirement for insulin, has been recognised
    by the Swedish government as being suitable for people with type 2 diabetes
    and as helpful to individuals looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy

    Low Carb High Fat Diet:

    Diet Doctor – Sugar vs Fat on BBC: Which is Worse?:

  • natureasintended says:

    Love it! :-) 

  • durianrider says:

    What do the leanest, fittest, longest live cultures LIVE on? Carbs or fat?

    Hint, its the same diet Chris Froome eats. HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

  • Alison Stones says:

    I watched this with my boyfriend and it worries me. I thought the fat diet
    drew the short straw, the carb diet is practically what I eat anyway! My
    boyfriend thought the opposite, his favourite foods are all the ones in the
    fat diet! When they did the doughnut experiment, I instantly said I’d go
    for the pink sugar coated one- no surprise that it was sugar! I don’t care
    for fatty foods, perhaps because I’m vegan. But it really has highlighted
    just how much sugar/carbs I eat.. literally everything I put in my mouth is
    high carb. I’m a healthy weight but wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds! Now
    I don’t know what to eat :(

  • MaiNKoncept says:

    I’m sorry to say, but this “Experiment” from the get go was flawed. It
    wasn’t a fair test by any means, and subtly biased. 1. Both diets were not
    nutritionally equal 2. The high fat diet was actually more like a high
    protein, no carb diet 3. The high fat diet had hardy any vegetables 4. The
    high sugar diet, was more like the general balanced diet promoted today- if
    that twin was really eating a high sugar diet, (i.e. donuts and fizzy
    drinks) exercise would be impossible and his blood glucose would be through
    the roof. 5. protein intake was not controlled, and should have been equal
    on both sides 6. The various sugar groups, or rather GI group where not
    examined in the same fat groups were. 7. we were not showed what they were
    eating on a day to basis. 8. A real high fat diet is synonymous with a
    ketogenic diet, which can be measured. Overall all a really Un-insightful
    look into the subject raised as too what is better fat or sugar.

  • trevor adamson says:

    To my mind ” fit and fitter”

  • Adam Graham says:

    Really disappointed with the results. In my eyes propaganda from the bbc
    maybe backed by big industries. Sugar causes diabetes, epilepsy, cancers,
    obesity etc. Sugar is killing us on a global scale

  • Andy Taylor says:

    If fat succeeds, I’m on a winner.

  • Utopic Unicorn says:

    sugar will give you real energy, caffeine is only a drug

  • Lone Star Tick says:

    I would have enjoyed this more if it was an actual comparison of the 2
    extremes of diet right now; paleo vs. High carb vegan…. McDougal vs.
    Paleo … Neither diet was one that anyone follows. Still interesting to
    show what high fat actually does to you… Makes you fat and diabetic,
    surprise. And then they concluded its not the fat? Pretty silly stuff.

  • Clyde Rembrandt says:

    200 beats per minute? 

  • adarkerlight says:

    TWO Captain Awesomes?!

  • Hatska2wolf says:

    Chris and Xand are epic I love them in operation ouch and they are just
    such fun doctors. Plus they’re twins!!!

  • Edward Arentz says:

    Now have them switch.

  • Robert Leat says:

    whens this on?

  • Starbreaker2012 says:

    We’re all supposed to accept this at face value, like starting with 27%
    bodyfat, the ‘fat’ doctor didn’t already have insulin resistance.
    Who pays for durianriders to do all his cycle riding then claim that sugar
    is healthy?
    The longest lived people are omnivorous.
    Cancer thrives on anaerobic respiration, which as this video proves needs

  • Kat Loves Osaka says:

    Please make it so other countries like here in Canada, can watch.

  • Tetsuoha says:

    Liar BBC should say sorry to Hungarian Party Jobbik.

  • Kram Nosittap says:

    Absolute bollocks. Unless they’re identical twins and live identical lives
    this proves NOTHING! >:o/

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