Sugar vs Fat

Fat often gets the blame for weight gain but is that fair? What about the role sugar plays? Are all fats bad? And have we unfairly given all fats a bad name?…

Butter vs Sugar: Is Fat the Best Fuel For Our Body?

Low carb diets are the craze right now. Followers of Paleo, Atkins, and other low-carb ketogenic style diets restrict or even eliminate carbohydrate foods al…
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  • ROK On! Life and Foodspotting in South Korea says:

    Sugar spikes your up the sugar levels in your blood, which will give you a
    spike in energy. fats and proteins burns energy over time. This doesnt
    scream vegan is the way, it just proves that carbs are good for quick fast
    energy, and fats and proteins for the long run. because….people dont just
    eat only fat when they are in a low carb diet…they eat protein too..

  • ROK On! Life and Foodspotting in South Korea says:

    I don’t know how people can be so wrong about something so basic. Yes
    eating meat increases your blood sugar as does eating anything but the key
    verb is spike up. No meat doesn’t up your glucose as much as carbs, that’s
    the deal! Doesn’t anyone know what the glycemic index is? Seriously how can
    people take vegans seriously when they can’t even understand this

  • Sergei Myshev says:

    Should have let the “fat” brother get to ketosis, otherwise, imo, it’s

  • John Smith says:

    I can’t believe the bloke agreed to eat all of that fat and cholesterol, no
    matter the length of time.

  • Planet Steph says:

    Yeah… in biochem we learned you can’t make glucose from fat (you can from
    protein = muscle breakdown)… fat breakdown into acetyl CoA with
    insufficient glucose results in ketosis and we all know how terrible that
    great video <3

  • MegaOzzy28 says:

    Umm it takes atleast 2-3 weeks to successfully burn ketones, i guarantee
    you that if the twin brother had already been adapted to ketones he would
    have smoked the twin brother on sugar. Let me tell you athletes on
    ketogenic diets dont crash. Athletes on carb and sugar diets do. So winner
    ketogenic diet……

  • Mumpy Gumboo says:

    It would be more interesting to me if this test was done over a longer term
    with a wide range of genetic pools, with some Eskimo, Norwegians, Africans,
    South Americans, etc, put into studies like this to see what would happen.
    And, what would happen if these twins had eaten breakfast a couple hours
    before the race? We’re not all the same, biologically! 

  • Chantalle Raw says:

    I am so excited I saw this video. I am vegan, but my husband is not. Be is
    really trying to gain weight and is eating a whole lot of protein and fats.
    I have been trying to help him see that my diet is equally good if not
    better. We are both athletes so I think this video will really sit well
    with him. I can’t wait to have him watch this.

  • jackie smith says:

    Is it even possible to eat a low fat diet if you’re not vegan? Haha

  • Ashten Vogtritter says:

    What about the fat brother going through Ketosis? You can fuel your body
    with fat! He needed extra time to develop and adust his body. Just look at
    Stephanie Person!

  • viviansadler says:

    great vid =)

  • Chris Harper says:

    Great video! You should have worn a blue t-shirt to support the sugar
    eating twin :)

  • veganadoration says:

    I really wish, from the bottom of my heart, that someone come up with a
    documentary explaining the difference between processed, isolated sugar
    that we add to food like desserts or whatever to make them sweet, and
    naturally occurring sugar in fruit, potatoes etc. I have seen articles
    listing the “sugar content” of some commonly preferred snacks. Item 1 was
    a banana while item 2 was a chocolate bar. To put both on a list seems so
    ignorant and uneducated to me I feel angry. It’s like we say that our
    manipulations of naturally occurring plant foods can somehow equate a
    naturally occurring plant food. All we know is we can cultivate food! We
    can’t compare the “simple sugars” in a banana to that in a chocolate bar.
    Why does the media or nutritionists or whomever presume that something
    like this could make any sense?

  • blacksupra001 says:

    butter is actually healthy like little dump trucks that help clear
    arteries, margarine and skim milk are unhealthy they are the chicken
    nuggets of dairy

  • ZaZaNaNach says:

    where can i see the full documentary?

  • blacksupra001 says:

    i have a problem with fruit … i eat like a whole bag full of it in one
    night lol i buy 50 dollars worth and its gone in one day so im low fruit :/

  • IIGBII says:

    What you have stated is actually incorrect. It has been proven that a high
    fat and protein diet lowers the risk of developing diabetes and a high
    Carb/sugar diet increases the risk of developing diabetes. As researched
    and stated in the Youtube video: BBC Story about Low Carb Dieting (full),
    this youtube video covers a huge range of researched information from lots
    of different experiments that were preformed. A high amount of sugar in
    your diet can cause cancer and a whole array of illnesses including
    diabetes as is stated in the youtube video: The Secrets Of Sugar –
    Documentary films. Fat is a slowly converted energy source your body uses
    when it has no Carbs based sugar left to burn as a fuel source. Excess
    Carbs/sugar is converted into fat for later use. A high Carb diet will
    cause your body to store the excess Carbs as FAT! The Atkinson Diet works
    because it has a high level of Protein in it as in meat. This high level of
    protein is an appetite suppressant. Research has shown that people on the
    Atkinson diet over all eat less then a high Carb/sugar diet as stated in:
    BBC Story about Low Carb Dieting (full). Watch it and learn something.

  • malcolm kirkwood says:

    seems a little ridiculous to equate a low-carb diet with NO carbs. How
    could that reflect a natural diet? Please read this paper on dietary
    carbohydrate as a regulatory mechanism in lipid metabolism, and explain how
    a low-carb diet could be considered poorer for markers of CVD / metabolic
    syndrome than a vegan diet (naturally given that the vast majority of
    people aren’t vegetarian)

  • Rohe Energie - Vegane Ernährung & Mehr says:

    Great video Ryan!

  • myersljennifer says:

    So abundantly clear. Glad this went mainstream. Probs nobody saw it here in
    America though. Sigh. Great video as always, Ryan. Keep it fruity.

  • Lyan Villacorta says:

    Never hear anyone say im protein loading for such and such. carbo loading
    on the other hand…

  • Peter Eaves says:

    You stated that fat is used to manufacture sugar; that is incorrect. It’s
    the protein that is used to do so. 

  • moojeni says:

    100% agree.
    Yesterday I ran a marathon with 2178 ft of elevation. Crazy hills all along
    the 26.2 miles and I fueled on dates. Actually, I didn’t need a lot of
    fueling anyways, since I was already carbed up from my daily diet. I
    couldn’t imagine trying to climb those hills with my glycogen stores
    depleted, lol.

  • StrugglingHealthNut says:

    I once saw a video where someone ate a stick of butter and washed it down
    with a cup of coffee for a very long bike ride. He didn’t last that long
    if I remember correctly.

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